Stomp Tuner Pedal

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Aroma's AT-08 stomp tuner for stage has been well received at several international shows. The AT-08 stomp features one of the biggest LCD tuner screens with high definition, double colour backlight. The AT-08 also features an anti-slip bottom to keep it stationary whilst on stage.


The AT-08 Tuner is extremely easy to use. Simply install a battery or link an AC=DC 9V connector then when you link an input, the tuner automatically turns on. Play a single note on your instrument and the note name appears on screen, the screen colour changes and the tuning needle will move.


If the screen turns green, the centre needle appears and both triangles beside the note name appear the note is in tune. If the screen is white, the left tuning needle appears and the triangle on the left appears the note is flat. If the screen is white, the right tuning needle appears and the triangle at the right appears the note is sharp. When disconnected from the input the AT-08 tuner will automatically turn itself off.




Metal stomp tuner

2-color screen light: green - in tune, white - out of tune

Signal input and output

9V DC power in and out

Power: 6F22 battery, 1 piece; or 9V AC-DC adaptor

Dimension: 125*73*40mm